14 Day Keto Hacker Keto Challenge

I am so excited to share with you my latest project behind the scenes I have been working on: I am starting a 14 Day keto may challenge to get you started with the keto diet.

Are you curious how you could start the keto diet? Do you like to know how you can make delicious keto food? Are you afraid that if you start it you make something wrong, feel bad and get the keto flu? We will cover everything in the challenge make the start into the ketogenic lifestyle smooth, easy and successful for you. What can you expect when you do the challenge?  You will get more energized,  stabilize your blood sugar level, get a better brain function and lose weight without starvation. You will feel satiated and good by the food you eat. Want to join? Click on the link in my bio and get the keto challenge started. We will start at the first of May and it costs only 45€.


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