Ketobody by design 6 weeks Beta Course

I am opening the doors now to a beta course which is an intense 6 weeks keto diet coaching program to turn you into a fatburner for your health and weight loss. It is a test version of my coaching program and will be  reduced by 80% for the test persons. That's only 130€ for an intense life transforming keto coaching.

The price will go up to 650€. Included are 6 group coaching calls, meals plans, 6 video tutorials and a private Facebook Group for members only. I will virtually hold your hands to get you into ketosis- the fat burning state. If you are in ketosis you will experience countless health benefits- not only the weight loss. If you are in ketosis your body is producing ketones which are the preferred fuel for your whole body and specially for your brain. That’s one reason why your brain fog will disappear and you will become more focused, productive and you can think much better. Another great benefit of the keto diet is that it balances your bloodsugar and heals insulin resistance. Are you in to experience those health benefits while losing weight without starvation? 


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