How to Lose Weight: Top 10 Weight Loss Tips


I’m giving you 10 tips on what you can do right now to start losing weight. 

It’s full of goodness and guides you on what you need to do in order to lose weight more easily and sustainably. It’s not just calories in and out! - your hormones play a major role in losing weight and once you work on balancing your hormones and lowering insulin, weight loss can happen and get easy. In this video I explain, how you can lower insulin levels, your blood sugar levels and tap into the magic of becoming a fat burner. 

Let me start this article by saying that achieving weight loss is not as easy as it seems. There isn’t an overnight fix that will help you become fitter in an instant.


While there are a plethora of articles and information online about how to lose weight and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all of it.


Which is why many people just opt to stick to the most popular way of losing weight without due diligence and proper research.

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How To Lose Weight Fast

Everyone wants to lose weight in an instant. Perhaps to fit in that dress for an upcoming wedding? Or to look good during a reunion? Whatever your reason is, I’m sure you want to shed off those unnecessary pounds as soon as possible.


Good news! Because my newest video will talk exactly about this. Learn how to lose weight fast using the techniques I’ve mentioned in this video:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment them down below and I’ll make sure to answer them. Should you want a one-on-one consultation with me, you can book a 20-minute discovery call through this link:


We can talk about your personal obstacles or circumstances and build a program that best fits your lifestyle so you can achieve your ideal weight!


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3 Steps to lose 20 pounds fast


Ready To Change Your Life? 

Watch my Webinar Replay now! 


German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’


Knowing your WHY is an important first step in figuring out HOW to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving!)


So, ask yourself:  What do you want to achieve through Keto?


Do you want to lose weight, feel good about yourself and look good in photos?


Or perhaps, you fear that you won’t be able to run with your kids or keep up with your grandkids or that you won’t be able to fit into pretty clothes that you’d like to wear.


Are you thinking... 


“If I lost weight and felt more comfortable, I wouldn't feel so embarrassed  Because when I feel embarrassed I know I shut down. I am not social and I'd rather be alone and I know I am happier when I am around people.


If I shut down...

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What is Clean Keto? Is it better for weight loss?

The keto diet is so popular right now because of its reputation for causing quick fat loss.


However, the source of the fat you eat doesn't necessarily matter when you're trying to lose weight on the keto diet.


While current research doesn't tell us much about the long-term impacts of eating a diet so high in fat, one of the important things to remember if you're following a keto diet is that there are healthier and less healthy ways to follow this diet.


To do keto the right way, you should always be supporting your health. At some point, you're going to pay for those foods that you're eating.


In my newest video, I talked about Clean Keto. What is it? How is it different from the Keto most of us know and is it better for weight loss?


Watch the video below to find out:



Clean keto is like a clean-eating version of the keto diet. It focuses on whole, unprocessed foods that are high in fiber and low in net carbs but are still packed with...

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Why You Should Ferment Your Food

If you’ve been following me and my content for quite some time now, you’ll know that I incorporate fermented food in my Keto diet and lifestyle. 

In my latest video, I’ve explained the reason behind this. Watch the video below.



Fermentation is an ancient technique of preserving food. The process is still used today to produce foods like wine, cheese, Sauerkraut, yogurt, and Kombucha.


Fermented foods are rich in beneficial probiotics and have been associated with a range of health benefits, from better digestion to stronger immunity


During the process of fermentation, microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast or fungi convert organic compounds such as sugars and starch into alcohol or acids. 


Here are some of the top benefits of fermentation that I’ve mentioned in the video:

  • Fermentation makes food more digestible.

Because the bacteria predigest the food, the resulting product is easier to digest. 

  • ...
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Keto Tuna Sauce Recipe

keto keto diet weight loss Sep 19, 2019

Tuna sauce is a scrumptious and savory meal that you can add to a Keto meal of your choice. It goes well with a Keto Pasta, Keto Sandwich, as a dip, or in a salad. 


In this video, I will show you how I prepare the best KETO-FRIENDLY TUNA SAUCE EVER that’s foolproof and is very delicious! 


Here are the ingredients that you’ll need:

  • 1 canned tuna
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Vegetable Broth
  • Cumin
  • Chili Paste (for this recipe, I used Sambal Olek)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Tomato Puree
  • Lemon Juice
  • Water



  • In low heat, mix all of the ingredients in a pan and simmer until it achieves a pasty texture. Serve and enjoy!


It’s a very simple and easy-to-do recipe with ingredients that you can buy almost anywhere! Not to mention, it’s super delicious!


Watch the video below to see how I prepare it:


If you want more delicious and easy-to-make Keto meals, download my FREE 5-DAY KETO RECIPES E-BOOK NOW: FREE 5-Day Keto Recipes E-book


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How This Actress Lost Weight Through Keto

keto keto diet weight loss Aug 30, 2019

Halle Berry achieved impressive results with Keto. She is one of the Hollywood celebs who swear by this high-fat, low-carb diet!


The 53-year-old actress swears by the ketogenic diet for weight management and to help manage her diabetes, which she was diagnosed at the age of 22.  

The high fat, moderate protein, and low-carbohydrate meal plan enable her body to burn healthy fats instead of energy carbs. No wonder she’s still rocking a stunning body even after her pregnancy!


The former bond girl stated in her interviews that she is not eating sugar or carbs, but fills her diet with healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil, and butter.

Halle also explains that her plate also includes eggs, protein, nuts, and legumes, along with plenty of vegetables.


Despite some food restrictions, Halle claims it's not deprivation because you can eat all the food you want until you're full....

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The #1 Thing You Need To Know About The Connection Between Insulin and Belly Fat


Did you know that Insulin is connected to Belly Fat?


In my latest video, I have explained the connection of Insulin to Belly Fat. 


How is it connected, you ask?


Well, when we eat carb-heavy meals, the carb turns into sugar.  The pancreas then produces insulin to break out the sugar from the blood and gets it into the cells.


Basically, Insulin feeds the cell which in turn keeps it from storing sugar in our body particularly in areas such as kidney, liver, muscles, and the brain.


Once the sugar storage in our body becomes full, insulin will take the excess sugar and convert it into fat.


Since our body has a bigger fat storage than sugar storage, the excess sugar from carbs usually turn into belly fat.




While insulin helps turn sugar into fat, it is not really at fault for making you fatter. Whether it will have excess sugar to convert depends on your eating habits.


If you consume too much sugar...

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Weight Loss has nothing to do with discipline. 3 steps to lose weight fast.


Hi there,


in case you missed it. Here is the replay of my Free Online Training on 3 steps to lose 20 pounds fast. 

If you like to know how you can lose weight fast with the Keto Diet, then watch the replay of my free online training. 


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How To Know If You're Fat-adapted

4 Signs That You're Fat-Adapted


The first thing you need to know is that even when you're already in the Keto diet, that doesn't mean that you are now Fat-adapted.


What is Fat-Adapted?


When you start into the Keto Diet, you'll go through this transition phase, wherein you change from being a sugar burner to fat burner. Once your body has fully transitioned from burning sugar to burning fat, then you can tell that you are already Fat-Adapted.


How long does it take before you become Fat-Adapted?


The transition phase depends on each person's body. For some, it can be quite fast, while for others, it can take much longer.


Usually, it takes about 6 to 12 weeks of regularly sticking in the Keto Diet.


What are the signs that you're Fat-Adapted?


You are Fat-Adapted when...


  • You feel that Keto is not a duty but a lifestyle.


You don't see it as something like you are asked, or you need to do. Instead, it is something you...

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