How to Lose Weight: Top 10 Weight Loss Tips


I’m giving you 10 tips on what you can do right now to start losing weight. 

It’s full of goodness and guides you on what you need to do in order to lose weight more easily and sustainably. It’s not just calories in and out! - your hormones play a major role in losing weight and once you work on balancing your hormones and lowering insulin, weight loss can happen and get easy. In this video I explain, how you can lower insulin levels, your blood sugar levels and tap into the magic of becoming a fat burner. 

Let me start this article by saying that achieving weight loss is not as easy as it seems. There isn’t an overnight fix that will help you become fitter in an instant.


While there are a plethora of articles and information online about how to lose weight and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all of it.


Which is why many people just opt to stick to the most popular way of losing weight without due diligence and proper research.

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How Long To Get Into Ketosis After A Cheat Day

Did you just take a cheat day? Don’t feel guilty! Instead of feeling bad, why don’t you just focus on getting back on track instead?


In my latest video, I’ve talked about how long it will get you back into ketosis after a cheat day. 


And the answer is: it highly depends!


There are many deciding factors that affect how fast one can get his or her body back into a state of ketosis. 


Some of the factors may include your gender, age, your physical activities, how long you’ve been into ketosis before, and how much you cheated.


Are you a lean, young man? Or a woman over 60? Our bodies have different ways of coping based on these factors.


No matter how long it takes, your body can always go back into a state of ketosis if you stick faithfully to the diet.


When you feel like caving into your cravings, remember your WHY. Why you started keto and the health and fitness goals you’ve wanted to achieve.


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What You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting

Skip breakfast and lose weight? Intermittent fasting is all the rage right now when it comes to weight loss techniques. It is a type of fasting that restricts the amount of time you’re allowed to eat.

Does it work? How do you incorporate it to your diet plans? What immediate benefits can you gain from it? I’ve answered all of those questions and more in the video below!


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