The Best And The Worst Vegetables On Keto

best keto vegetables worst May 21, 2020

Vegetables are universally known to be healthy. But if you’re in a keto diet, you might have to think twice about the content of your salad. There are some really good vegetables that are perfect for your low-carb lifestyle while there are also some that can easily kick you out of Ketosis. In this blog post, I’ll provide you with a list of what vegetables to include in your meal plan and which ones you should avoid. 


Let’s start with the best vegetables that are Keto-friendly:




Spinach (0g net carbs)

Spinach can be wilted and added into soups as a perfect source of vitamin A. It's always possible to keep it fresh for salads as well. It's very low in carbs and makes a wonderful complement to any meal. It's a great veggie to always have in the refrigerator for quick weeknight meals when you're busy.


Celery (1g net carb)

Make the most out of the high water content of celery to stay hydrated. With just...

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