5 Keto Mistakes to avoid

Lot's of people doing the ketogenic diet are making mistakes wich lead to failure and to not keeping up with this diet.  Avoid these mistakes and you will have no problems. I have done some of those mistakes in the beginning as well and am happy to give you those informations now so that you don't have to go through those mistakes as well. And there is a way to avoid the keto flu. 
Here are the mistakes which you should avoid: 
You don't get enough electrolytes. Electrolytes are key to not getting the keto flu. When you start a ketogenic diet you loose lot's of water and fat. That's why it is so important to replenish with electrolytes and water. The other mistakes are that you don't get enough fats, hidden carbs,  too much protein and that you give up too fast. If you give up before you start seeing results you will think that the ketogenic diet doesn't work for you, but that's not true. Your body just needs a bit time to make the transition from a sugar burner to a fat burner. If you have been following the standard American diet with lots of sugar and carbs you have been a major sugar burner. Give your body time to change. Your body will thank you for it and you will be soon rewarded for it.  
Hidden carbs are a major problem for people following a ketogenic diet. Even products which advertise on the fron with no sugar, contain often times sugar in from of corn sirup, or other substances. Even if you don't buy processed foods you can get too much carbs quite fast. If you opt for pumpkin, onions etc, which is supposed to be keto approved you can add quickly too much carbs to your meal. Extremely low carb vegetables are for example asparagus, mushrooms and celery. The best is to get a macro tracker app. I like the ketodiet App and myfitnesspal. 
Are you doing some of those mistakes? Write in the comments below. 

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